(Indonesia) Planting in Action

Thursday Pahing, 10 November 2011, Master program of Unnes (PPs Unnes) conducted an action of planting around the campus. This action was mainly conducted by Ast. Director II of PPs Unnes Prof. Dr. Joko Widodo, M.Pd and some BPPs scholarship awardees, and other candidate of BPPs and Unggulan Scholarship Awardees.

In that event, the Ast. Director II of PPs Prof. Dr. Joko Widodo, M.Pd said that this action aimed to support plantation in PPs campus as well as to create awareness of people around the campus, especially the students, toward the importance of conversation in campus for future sake. This campus can be a comfortable, fresh, and beautiful place of learning and this is in accordant with the vision and mission of PPs and Unnes.

By:Agus Artanto.

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