The 87th Doctor Graduated by UNNES

Dandang Suwignjo, the third son of Bpk Salamun Adi Sumarto ( Alm) and Ibu Katijah ( Alm) has successfully defended his dissertation “Implementing School-Based Management at SMA Negeri 1 Cepiring, Promoted by: Prof.Dr. Haryono, M.Psi; Co Promotor: Prof. Drs. Y. Warella, MPA, Ph.D and Prof. Dr.Samsudi, M.Pd. He has graduated as the 60th doctor in educational management of UNNES. In the examination, Dandang Suwignjo, The Sub-Head of Policy Academic Planning said that the objective of the research is to find a model to implement an effective SBM oriented to school quality. The research is designed with a qualitative approach through an ethnography, to explain about educational process and problems. The case territory is executing school programs as a research object, and SMA Negeri 1 Cepiring as research subject. The study found out that: 1. School programs are affected by: educational quality ( in teaching and learning process); budget ( to fund the programs) and facility ( to support the programs). 2. The ideal model is one representation of its implementation at school system at SMA Negeri 1 Cepiring. 3.) the findings reveal the roles of headmaster as manager trying to move all school members, either educators and educational staffs, students, school committee and societies, so that they are willing to work together to execute programs and school activities so that school purposes realized.

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