(Indonesia) The 89th Doctor Graduated from Unnes

High qualified lecturers are those who can provide effective teaching and learning, research, scientific work, and community services. Based on those points Maryadi conducted a research in Kopertis VI, Central Java. The results of his research were (1) motivating the lecturers in Private Universities in Kopertis VI Central Java is very important so that it has to be maintained and improved. The elder lecturers have to give chance to their fellow to actualize themselves through effective guidance (2) Education and Training centre for private universities’ lecturers have to be improved because the higher the results of education and training, the higher the competence. Thus, education and training centre administrators have to provide adequate learning sources.

Those results of research were presented by Maryadi in front of the Board of Examiners of Unnes Master Program; Prof. Dr. Huzaini Usma, Prof Dr At Soegito SH MM, Prof. Dr Tri Joko Raharjo M.Pd, Dr. Ahmad Sopyan M.Pd, Prof. Dr Rasdi Eko Siswojo M.Sc and Prof Dr Madyo Ekosusilo M.Pd.

The dissertation entitled “Pengaruh Motivasi, Diklat, Iklim Organisasi, Kompetensi, Kepuasan Kerja Terhadap Kinerja Dosen Perguruan Tinggi Swasta Kopertis Wilayah VI Jawa Tengah” was presented by Maryadi. He fulfilled the requirements for the 62nd Doctor graduated from Educational Management of Unnes.

By: Agus Artanto.

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