The 90th Doctor Graduated from UNNES

Pesantren is a unique islamic educational institution, established by the needs and demands in the relevant era. Through a dissertation entitled “The Model of Human Resources Development Management Based on Competence of Salafi Pesantren to realize Qualified Ustadz” , Nur Uhbiyati, described and analyzed the human resource development model of SALAFI API Tegalrejo Magelang ot realize qualified ustadz including (1) The profile and characters of Pondok Pesantren Salaf API Tegalrejo Magelang. (2) The criteria of qualified ustadz at Pondok Pesantren SALAF API Tegalrejo Magelang. (3) The Management of human management resources based on competence at Pondok Pesantren SALAF API Tegalrejo Magelang. (4) Alternative Model of human resource development management at Pondok Pesantren SALAF API Tegalrejo Magelang.

Examiners are Prof.Dr. Harsono, M.S, Prof.Dr.Samsudi, M.Pd, Prof.Dr. Sugiyo, M.Si, Dr. Ant. Tri Widodo, Prof.Dr.Totok Sumaryanto, M.Pd and Prof.Dr Sarosa Purwadi. It was declared that Nur Uhbiyati has passed the examination and inaugurated the 63th Doctor in Educational Management.

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