The 91st Doctor Graduated from Unnes

The quality of education in Indonesia is still low. This is seen from some indicators such as the ability of Indonesian students in International level which is still far from ready to compete in International level, the rank of Indonesian schools and universities which are also still low, and the difficulties of Indonesian graduates to compete in national and global work fields.

Improving the quality of education is considered to be the gate to face global challenge and competitions both in national and international level. Nurjazuli, one of the Doctor candidate in front of the board of examiners; Prof. Dr. Tri Joko Raharjo, M.Pd  dan Prof. Dr. Totok Sumaryanto, M.Pd as the internal examiners and Prof. dr. Pasiyan Rahmatullah, Sp.PD.Kp  as the external examiner, said that this challenge has to be responded by universities by providing innovative teaching and learning.

Nurjazuli added “his research is an original work since there has been no similar research about teaching and learning management in problem based curriculum (PBLC) for Health Science Department students so far.”

Nurjazuli fulfilled the requirements and satisfied the examiners for the Doctoral Degree with his dissertation entitled “Pengembangan Model Manajemen Kurikulum Pembelajaran Berbasis Masalah.” He is the 64th Doctor graduated from Educational Management Program of Unnes. He spent 3 years 1 month for this Doctoral Degree with GPA 3.91 (Cumlaude).

By:Agus Artanto.

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