Vision, Misions, and Goals The vision of Semarang State University (Unnes) is well formulated based on the four strong commitments of all academic community in Unnes. Those four commitments are; (1) commitment to conservation, (2) commitment to establish a healthy institution, (3) commitment to achieve the outstanding prosperity in the tougher global competition; and (4) commitment to create the proliferation of welfare for all the academic community, administration staffs, alumni, and society based on the optimum civil service. These four commitments are expected to support the effort of unnes postgraduate program in being an international standardized institution which is able to pursue the tremendous global achievement. Based on the  points stated above, in turn, the vision, missions, and goals of postgradate program of Semarang State University are formulated as follow: A.      Vision: As the world class institution which is able to expand and widen up the development of science, technology and art, as well as highly uphold the value of conservation to achieve the healthy, outstanding, and properous university. B.       Missions:

  1. to conduct  the master and doctoral program, both educational and non educational program, based on the national and international development needs as the effort to the living quality improvement in line with the value of conservation, healthy, outstanding, and prosperous university.
  2. to conduct the research in the effort to the development of the science, tecnology, and art in the eduaction and noneducation fields for the sake of living quality improvement spirit based on the value of conservation, healthy, outstanding, and prosperous university.
  3. to play an essential role as the government’s partner, especially regional government, in contributing the help in forms of consultation and training in several fields (educational and noneducational fields) for the governemnet officers and or society constuctively and productively

 C.      Goals:

  1. to shape academic and professional individuals who outstand in competence
  2. to create valuable and useful work on science, technology, art, and sports

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