The Annual Meeting of Postgraduate UNNES 2020, “Accelerated Graduation without Reducing the Quality”

Universitas Negeri Semarang, Postgraduate had held an annual meeting on Tuesday-Wednesday, 25-26 February 2020 at the Grand Wahid Hotel Salatiga. This meeting was attended by the director, all coordinators of study program, all affairs, and all staffs. The annual meeting that is held at the beginning of the year, is used to establish communication between the director, lecturers, and staffs of UNNES, Postgraduate. The meeting was opened by Prof. Dr. Agus Nuryatin, M.Hum as the Ad Interim Director of the Postgraduate and as the Vice of Rector IV concurrently. He delivered a speech for the Postgraduate Program at 2020 years’ guidelines.
The Ad Interim Director of the Postgraduate Program gave guidelines to the postgraduate civitas academica to support “UNNES Excellent for Advanced Indonesia” cohesively. In this meeting, the Rector of UNNES was unable to attend and entrusted a message to the Vice of Rector IV, Postgraduate is expected to be able in acceleration of the graduation without reducing quality and increasing accreditation program. Prof. Dr. Ida Zulaeha, M.Hum as the Vice Director of Academic and Student Affairs explained that in 2020 there were two study programs that had expired in accreditation period. It is expected that Jamintu / the Quality Assurance Affairs post-graduate can assist the study programs that will apply for accreditation. The academic and student affairs is committed to increase journal accreditation, student satisfaction index, number of publications and citations, increasing the amount of students, and increasing the amount of professors at Pascasarjana.
Dr. Eko Handoyo, M.Si as the Vice Director of Finance and General Administration said, “The financial department supports the academic field, it is expected that the cohesion of the Postgraduate will contribute in creating an independent campus / kampus merdeka”. The meeting continued with the explanation of Jamintu affairs; research and publication groups affairs; innovation and commercialization affairs; counseling and career affairs; partnership affairs; IT affairs; and conservation and character development affairs. Each group not only described the target to be reached in 2020, but is accompanied by a discussion to determine the strategy so that it can be achieved.
The activity was closed by the Ad Interim Director of the Postgraduate Program, accompanied by submission of the results of the meeting by Vice Director I and accompanied by Vice Director II. It is expected that after this meeting, it will make a start for the postgraduate civitas academica to improve performance and make a real contribution to achieving the target in 2020 cohesively.

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