(Indonesia) Workshop of Disaster Education

When the nature is no longer being friendly to us as a result of the environmentally-destructing human activities, there are a lot of natural disasters like Wasior flood, Mentawai tsunami, and Merapi eruption happening in a very close time, adding more consent to our nation that we live in a disastrous country.

Based on such consideration, the postgraduate program of Semarang State University on November 19 2011 had held the workshop of disaster education. At 9 A.M sharp, Assistant to Director I, Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Wahyu Hardyanto, M.Si was the one who started the workshop. In front of 21 participants, Dr. Sudarmin, M.Si presented a module “ Desain Pembelajaran Pendidikan Kebencanaan di Sekolah sebagai upaya Sosialisasi Kesiapsiagaan Masyarakat Terhadap Bencana”, continued with the module “ Pembelajaran Bencana Alam Terintegrasi dalam beberapa Mata Pelajaran Bervisi Science Environment Technology and Society” presented by Dr. Ani Rusilowati, M.Pd. Based on the presentation, we could conclude that teacher as one of the essential components within a society had a very important and strategic role in shaping up the young generation since the early stage to understand more about disaster. In the next session, Dr. Supriyadi,  M.Si, with the module “Manajemen Bencana Alam”, told that disaster was unavoidable happening, however we could minimize the casualties, the wealth, as well as the environment.

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